Mount and Guard

The Mount and Guard dynamic drill can be broken down into three general sections, which can then be broken down into more and more detailed sub-sections.

  1. Bottom Mount (countering/escaping mount)
    1. White (bottom) traps Blue’s right arm.
    2. White traps Blue’s right foot.
    3. White arches his hips straight up.
    4. White rolls to Blue’s trapped right side.
    5. Blue (bottom) closes his closed-guard around White (top).
  2. Top Guard (passing guard)
    1. White removes Blue’s cross-collar-grip.
    2. White sets his arm A-frame.
    3. White uses a right knee-wedge.
    4. White uses a right knee-lead.
    5. White post pin’s Blue’s right knee.
    6. White moves to a cross-knee and pin’s Blue’s right arm.
    7. White drives forward toward top-side.
      1. skulling
      2. far under-hook
      3. near over-hook
    8. White settles into top-side.
  3. Top Mount (dominating from mount)
    1. White moves from top-side to top-knee.
    2. White moves from top-knee to top-full.
    3. White inserts his right hand into Blue’s right collar to start a cross-collar-choke.
    4. The drill now repeats with White and Blue having switched roles.

Expert Demonstrations

Here is Rickson Gracie with a few details of the arch-and-roll, what he calls the Upa. By the way, the R in Rickson is pronounced like an H. Thus, “Hickson”.

Cross Collar Choke

Here’s what Blue is trying to do by inserting his hand into White’s collar.