What should I wear to train in?

You’ll need to be ready for both gi and no-gi training. Read about it here.

How do the belts work in Jiu-Jitsu?

Purple Belt, Three Stripes

Purple Belt, Three Stripes

Everybody starts as a white belt. Adults will then move to blue, purple, brown, and black. There are also various red belts after that.

Children go from white to grey, yellow, orange, and sometimes green. At the age of 16 they can become blue belts and follow the adult track.

Many schools also use stripes on their belts. These represent progress toward the next color. After earning four stripes on a white belt, for example, you then go to blue.

Stripes are usually just put on with a piece of white tape, but if you’re crazy you can hand stitch them.

Where can I find GOOD on-line learning resources?

There are a huge variety of resources out there on the inter-webs. The trick is finding the good ones. Here are few names to search for.

More Frequently Asked Questions

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Can “Slidyfoot” Sönmez

Can “Slideyfoot” Sönmez has the biggest, bestest FAQ on his BJJ web site SlideyFoot.com.