What to Wear

What equipment we use, and where to find it.

We train in two modes, gi and no-gi. Working in the gi teaches us how to handle someone grabbing on to our clothing. No-gi teaches us how to control someone even if they don’t have clothing we can get a hold of.

White Gi White Belt

Get a white gi with a white belt for that classic “I’m a beginner” look!

Right now (2017), for the best value, I’d recommend getting a white, Fuji brand, jitsu-jitsu uniform. You can find them on-line for about $100 USD. There’s no need to get the fancy, high-priced ones. You will also need to get a white belt. Use their sizing charts to figure out what you need, and if you’re in-between sizes go larger. Gi are supposed to be loose, and they will shrink. Don’t get a judo, karate, or other martial arts uniform. We need a proper jiu-jitsu gi. The others may look the same, but they aren’t.

Check out Fenom for a company that specializes in women’s gi. The clothing from Fuji is cut in a way that doesn’t always work for women.

Side note: A white uniform is recommended to start with because some schools limit what colors can be worn. Everyone accepts white, though.

Flip Flops

When you step off the mat.

Get a pair of flip-flops, too. Wear them whenever you step off the mat. We particularly don’t want anyone bringing back anything from the bathroom.